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This is your guide to using Cellular service in Mexico. We give a brief review of the Cellular carriers in Mexico and the value of each carrier to the long or short term visitor to Mexico. Our focus is on wireless information for English-speaking travelers, especially those who want to use their US-based wireless phone while visiting Mexico. We have sections on how to use your phone, how to get the cheapest service, what to avoid, and specific recommendations. This site was split from the Roaming Zone web site and is part of the Mountain Wireless Cellular Networks, and since has been refined and updated. We travel across Mexico and the US using cellular service, and we have added contributions from dozens of other like-minded cellular users. There are costs in running this site, and those expenses are paid by a small commission from advertisers and sponsored links. So, if you ever buy cellular phones, service or accessories online, or even just browsing, we would really appreciate you doing so by clicking on any of the advertising banners and links you see on our site or by shopping on our Wireless Discount Page.

We welcome updates about new or erroneous information and we will correct any errors as soon as possible. We make no warranties to the information, which can change at any time without our notice. Accuracy is the desired goal and, as with all small operations, there is a lot of information that gets updated on an 'as available' basis.

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